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Grand Theft Auto (GTA) – game series

Games from the Grand Theft Auto series, better known by the abbreviated name GTA, are loved by millions of gamers, and this is not at all accidental. The fact is that there are not so many games in the crime action genre in the world, and it’s impossible to remember ones that are as thoughtful and high-quality, allowing the player to do whatever he wants in a huge open gaming space. Therefore, it is completely logical that the number of fans of the series is only increasing every year, and new games regularly created by developers sell multi-million copies. And if you still haven’t played GTA, then you should do it as soon as possible! Moreover, it doesn’t matter at all which part you get acquainted with first – they are all worthy of your attention! Games from the Grand Theft Auto series date back to 1997. They are published by Rockstar Games. And, it is worth recognizing, it was GTA that turned this company from a small studio into a world-famous developer.

Plot idea

The basic idea of the plot of the vast majority of games in the Grand Theft Auto series is quite simple and uncomplicated. The main character, controlled by the player, is:
  • An aspiring criminal.
  • A person with a criminal past who finds himself in difficult circumstances.
  • Small fry of the underworld.
Идея сюжета His main task is to build a successful career in the criminal world of the big city surrounding him. And it is clear that in achieving such a goal you will have to use a variety of methods. By carrying out tasks for his friends, acquaintances and local mafia bosses, the main character becomes more experienced in all aspects of criminal life, and his authority among representatives of the underworld is constantly growing. Obviously, the main goal in the game is to become a mafia boss, and even if there are some hints about breaking ties with crime, the ending will still be quite predictable. Идея сюжета Obviously, such a plot could not please numerous supervisory authorities. For example, the release of the game Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, which clearly contained scenes of a sexual nature, was associated with attempts to ban the entire series. But, of course, the attempt was not successful, but only brought new fans. It is worth noting that the developers spared no expense on advertising and promotion of their creations. For example, Hollywood stars were often hired to voice game characters. Therefore, it is not surprising that the popularity and financial success of the representatives of the GTA series is simply off the charts.

Game world

One of the reasons for the universal love for representatives of this series of games can be called its game world. There are many possibilities open to the character, and such a high degree of freedom in action and movement is truly impressive. Игровой мир If most games belonging to the action category are characterized by:
  • A clear sequence of actions.
  • The need to travel along a specific route.
  • Solving tasks required for the development of the plot.
In this case, the player can decide for himself what to do. So, he can take or refuse to complete game missions. Wherein:
  • The character can move throughout the city.
  • Various additional missions are available.
  • You can visit different buildings.
But the most important thing in this case is that certain actions of our hero affect the relationship with various characters present in the game. However, it cannot be said that there is no clear plot in all the games in the series – starting with GTA 3, the main missions are linear, and you need to complete them in order to open new locations.

Player capabilities

Возможности игрока At the very beginning, we mentioned that in GTA you can try yourself as a criminal trying to become a big crime boss. And as he moves towards success, the player has to take a number of actions. Usually this:
  • Stealing rare cars.
  • Robberies of shops and banks.
  • Showdowns with members of enemy gangs.
  • Contract killings.
For them we get the money needed to buy weapons and other things. However, the developers prudently left us other ways to earn money. For example, without engaging in crime, a player can:
  • Become a taxi driver, driving people around the city.
  • Get a job as a driver of a fire truck, ambulance or police.
  • Become a courier in a pizzeria.
  • Take up pimping.
  • Take part in street racing.
  • Become a pilot of any aircraft.
Of course, you don’t have to do all this – such missions are just a nice addition available in between the main missions. However, the very fact of their presence makes the process of passing much more interesting and exciting.

Improvement of the series

Возможности игрока It’s interesting, but the vast majority of the things we all love about Grand Theft Auto appeared in the first part. So, in 1995, this became a real breakthrough – the freedom of illegal actions, from completing mafia tasks to street massacres, was not offered in any other game. Well, a wide range of cars, as well as a built-in radio, originate from here. In the first part, the three main cities of the series appear, which gave rise to subsequent series. This:
  • Liberty City.
  • San Andreas.
  • Vice City.
Возможности игрока However, players were able to admire their beauty only in the third part – it was then that the game became three-dimensional. Starting from the third part, all subsequent games in the series are distinguished by serious development of the storyline. The voice acting of the characters has also undergone changes. Well, the radio we mentioned a little earlier began to resemble an ordinary one even more. So, it simulates a 24-hour live broadcast, and if you drive for a long time, you can hear:
  • Improvisations by witty DJs.
  • Conversations with interesting studio guests, including many stars.
  • Advertising inserts.
  • Musical compositions.
  • Humorous programs.
Unfortunately, not a single localizer has done the titanic work all this content, and therefore it is impossible to do without knowledge of the English language. But if you understand what exactly is being said on the radio, then you can enjoy how harmoniously it combines with an absolutely realistic game world, which is a high-quality parody of a modern metropolis living in a tense rhythm. In addition, the music gives some missions a special drama, which makes their passage much more exciting. The Grand Theft Auto series of games, in fact, has managed to become a real “standard” both for companies developing computer games in the crime action genre and for the army of their fans. It’s no wonder that a whole following of players has grown up, considering them cult-like. And there is a reasonable explanation for this – the developers in each of the games represent a separate era, with their own clothing style, music and cars, which brings back memories of the times of their youth for players. Despite the rather harsh jokes and crime plot, the games from the GTA series have become real classics. And therefore absolutely every gamer should get to know them. We assure you that regardless of your taste preferences, you will truly enjoy playing through them!